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  • Donation de matériel médical

    Donation of medical supplies to TEARS association, South Africa, February 2014 Read More
  • Association TEARS en tournée

    Koh Samui Dog and Cat Rescue Center (DRC) , Thailand Read More
  • Bénévolat au refuge DRCS

    Bénévolat au refuge DRCS sur l’île de Koh Samui au Sud de la Thaïlande, Février 2013 Read More
  • Paloma

    Paloma, adopted by the President of AUXAN association, at the age of 9 years old, in 2007 Read More
  • La toilette

    Paloma, rehomed at the age of 9 years old… Read More
  • Bonnie et Balthus

    Bonnie et Balthus , abandonned by their owner, were rehomed in 2010 thanks to the Parisian association, CDA Read More
  • Franklin

    Franklin, abandoned in suburb, was rehomed at the age of 2 years old, thanks to the Parisian association , the CDA, in 2010 Read More
  • Mélodie

    Mélodie, kitten, rehomed thanks to the Parisian association, CDA, in 2011 Read More
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Auxan in a nutshell... Logo AUXAN was founded in May 2013 in Morges, near Lausanne, Switzerland. It is an officially recognised non-profit association devoted to the protection of animals, serving public interest and with no political affiliation. AUXAN’s primary objective is to help and support animal rescue centres and associations in difficulty, both in Switzerland and other countries, so that they can continue to take in, care for and feed animals (cats, dogs, horses, etc.) that are either homeless or abandoned, ill-treated or at risk.

The assistance given to each organisation in difficulty is defined on a case-by-case basis according to their specific needs. These can take the form of:

  • Donations of food products for the animals,
  • Help in purchasing material or equipment for the improvement of the animals’ living conditions (fencing, pens, heating, blankets, etc…),
  • Donations of medical supplies (disposable or equipment) enabling people to treat animals in optimal conditions,
  • Financial aid to cover unpaid or outstanding veterinary fees N.B. AUXAN only helps associations in this; it does not pay veterinary expenses for individuals..



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